Hion Martell – Back in the studio….

Swedish band Hion Martell has now begun working on the follow up to the album ‘Riffs In A Box’. In 2014 HION MARTELL released  the album ‘Riffs In A Box’. The album has received airplay both in Europe (eg in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg and the UK) and the United States. Mainly in web radio stations and regional stations. The album also has received good reviews in the press and on the web. “A brave, mostly compelling mix of styles” for example, the well-known British music writer Dave Ling wrote.
As a spin-off, Hion Martell got to name a brand of beer. An ale. A Hion Mart-ale, named Riffs In A Bottle, described as “Fruity, slightly burnt taste with a distinct bitterness, hints of toffee, dark rye bread, dried figs and chocolate.”
Just as in the case with ‘Riffs In A Box’, the new album is recorded in Silverware Studio in Bollnäs, with veteran Daniel Lindblom as a recording engineer and producer.

The upcoming album is expected to be ready for release in early autumn. The name of the album is tentatively set to ‘Trust Me On This One’.