DeVicious – New album in August…

DeVicious are an international Hard Rock band based in Germany. The band has so far released five video clips, and “Never Say Never” now marks their first physical release which was set for a release to August 24th, 2018 on Pride & Joy Music.


Tracklist: 1. Everything, 2. Penthouse Floor, 3. One Track In Mind, 4. Lullaby, 5. A Night To Remember, 6. Crying In The Rain, 7. Calling Angels, 8. Hand In Hand, 9. Never Say Never, 10. The Silence
Founded in 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany by six long time musician friends who in the past have performed and recorded with Andi Deris Band, Chryztyne, Umbra Et Imgao and Zar, the group has the intention to play 80’s type of Hard Rock.
The group consists of Alex Frey (bass, song-writing, production), Radivoj Petrovic (lead guitar), Gisbert Royder (rhythm guitar), Denis Kunz (keyboards), Lars Nippa (drums), and Serbian singer Zoran Sandorov aka Mister Sanders. After the release of the first videos for the tracks ““Everything” and “Penthouse Floor” in early 2018, the band toured in Germany together with the bands Xtasy and Ammunition in March 2018. In December 2018, DeVicious will again hit the road as support for none other than US Hard Rock legends Hardline. Album No.2 already is in the making.
Live with Xtasy & Hardline: 06.12.2018 D-Hamburg, Logo; 07.12.2018 Bochum, Rockpalast; 08.12.2018 D-Mörlenbach, Live Music Hall, 09.12.2018 D-Munich, Backstage Club Web:

AMRS APPROVED :  7.9 / 10