Carl Dixon – “One” reissued …..out on Oct.25th….


Dixon’s solo debut ‘One’ (1993), appears to have been a pretty obvious move for a man of his standing (at least from the European perspective). Carl, born in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario had come to prominence in the early 80s as one of the frontmen for the critically acclaimed Canadian hard rock band Coney Hatch.
However, having released three albums between 1982 and 1985, Dixon had become pretty disillusioned with his career at that point; tired of the many frustrations that being on a major label (who don’t appear to care) brings on a touring band trying to get noticed. Ironically, as has been shown time and again, North American bands often appear to be curiously shielded from any success they may be achieving abroad. In Coney Hatch’s case there was another market out there bursting to embrace them in Europe, if only they’d known about it.
After focussing on songwriting for other artists for a while, eventually switching focus from North America, where Grunge was on the brink, to Europe, especially Germany, where Coney Hatch made a much bigger impact, Carl wouldn’t fully learn about it only until Coney Hatch’ performance at the 2014 edition of Firefest, England.
’One’ features fifteen songs, one of them (‘One Good Reason’) a co-write with Brett Walker, another one (‘Taste Of Love’) Aerosmith meets Def Leppard flavored.
Dixon’s first wife Stella ended up adding backing vocals alongside e.g. Mark Santer (Santers) or Mike Shotton (Von Groove). It took a month of recording in four different studios especially focussing on how the guitars sound. The Canadian still is very proud of it and about the fact that people still remember the album.
After being with The Guess Who and April Wine for a while and a horrible car crash in Australia in 2008, he’s back with Coney Hatch leading to the 2013 record ‘Four’ and has released a couple of solo records since. Additionally, he’s having a brand new solo effort by the name of ‘Unbroken’ coming out soon on with he collaborated with Frontline’s Robby Böbel.
This reissued version of ‘One’ contains two bonus tracks, is digitally remastered by Chris Lyne and comes with liner notes by Dave Reynolds.

Orion’s Reign – New EP out on Sept. 27th…

“Symphony of War” is the new release by Orion’s Reign.
On this new work, the band, having already released the full length symphonic epic album “Scores of War”, emphasizes on the symphonic elements of its music and offers symphonic versions of songs from its latest album. Tim Ripper Owens and Mark Boals are guest vocalists. In addition, a folk version of song “Nostos” and a symphonic metal cover of “Elan” (Nightwish) are included.

1) Freedom is not Negotiable
Orchestra arrangements: Kirk Gazouleas
Voice: Dan Vasc
2) Together We March
Orchestra arrangements: Kirk Gazouleas
Voice: Dan Vasc and Tim Ripper Owens
3) The Gravewalker
Orchestra arrangements: Kirk Gazouleas
Voice: Dan Vasc
4) Last Stand
Orchestra arrangements: Kirk Gazouleas
Voice: Dan Vasc and Mark Boals
5) Ride to War
Orchestra arrangements: Kirk Gazouleas
Voice: Dan Vasc
6) Nostos
Flute, Zurna, Duduk, Reed Organ: Kirk Gazouleas
Guitars: Michael Batistatos and George Thanasoglou
Percussions: Noel Kardaris
Voice: Aubrey
7) Elan
Orchestra arrangements: Kirk Gazouleas
Voice: Dan Vasc
Guitars: Michael Batistatos and George Thanasoglou
Drums: Noel Kardaris
Recorded by Orion’s Reign
Mixed/mastered by Linus Corneliusson
Studio: Fascination Street Studios (Sweden)
For Elan: Recorded/mixed/mastered by Orion’s Reign at Soundflakes studios (Greece) and Remastered by Linus Corneliusson at Fascination Street Studios
Cover Artwork created by Stan W. Decker

Dream Company – First single-video released…..

Italian melodic rockers Dream Company released the first single “Days in Blue” out of their debut album called “The Wildest Season” set for release on October 15th from Tanzan Music.

Cover artwork 1440x1440.jpg

Giulio Garghentini: lead vocals
Enrico Modini: guitars and keyboards
Stefano Scola: bass
Davide Colombi: drums
All backing vocals by Mario Percudani and Giulio
Additional backing vocals by Enrico Modini on #2/5/6/8 and Davide Colombi on #2/5.
Additional keyboards and strings arrangements: Mario Percudani (#7/10)

‘Days in Blue’ is the title for the new Dream Company single that marks the beginning of a new adventure for the Italian group who unleash these 3.39 minutes of powerful melodic hard rock.  This song is the tracklist opener of their new album ‘The wildest season”, to be released by Tanzan Music Records on October 15th.

The debut full length is the most important moment in the history of Dream Company. Born as a Bon Jovi tribute, the band growth on stage performing more than 600 concerts all over Europe during the last 13 years.

The actual line up was the right one for the big step to become something else and to record an album with original compositions. A celebration of the band’s musical path, based on the experience acquired during the years and enriched by the signature left by all the people who crossed the group’s life.

A musical portrait composed by the songs contained in this album, each one telling a story: there’s someone who’s “Scared To Be Loved”, someone angry because of a world full of “Liars”, someone who need to kill “The Ghost” living inside his mind, someone who needs his own “Revolution”, the only way to change the world.
“Days in blue” talks about the separation between two lovers and the days that come after it, lived with sadness waiting for time to heal all wounds. This story is showed in the new video directed by Moviedel Italia Production.

The new records produced by Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Hardline), will be presented with a special live show at HT Factory in Milan on September 21st, as opening act for Hardline (Frontiers Records). Facebook Event

Dream Company line up features as singer, Tanzan Music artist
Giulio Garghentini, who released his solo album ‘Believe’ with the italian record label in 2013; Stefano Scola bass player for Hungryheart; Enrico Modini on guitar and piano and Davide Colombi on drums.