All-Star Charity Jam pays tribute to #DeepPurple‘s classic #Burn to launch fund raising campaign against childhood cancer in Italy. DONATE NOW:… SHOP NOW:

Q) David how does it feel to be part in such charity project for Italy along with other great international artists from all over the world?
A) I love it! The Italian heritage is in my own household (and my son’s name is Roman!) so I’m honored to be part of such a terrific cast of badass musicians who all get to shine for such a great cause. These jams help us connect, albeit virtually this year, and keep our rock & metal community strong during the pandemic shutdown which has impacted us all in our industry. And when everyone comes together with a charitable heart it levels the playing field and makes it all about the music and giving for someone else’s needs.
Q) Nowadays, more than in the past, it seems easier to work with “open-source” approach, where boundaries of territory and fame seem to have no longer limits, do you believe it’s a new opportunity for the music and artists in general?
A) I think it’s terrific. I love that fame and success have nothing to do with the collaboration process right now and it’s really this one moment in time where anything goes. Anyone can collaborate with anyone and I think we’re seeing some really entertaining jams and songs being created this year as a result. Be it with long time friends or new aquaintances, when we just open up and jam together we create a unique moment that is just unparalleled. The quarantine jams of 2020 have become the new “stay at home festivals”.

Q) We know you come from different musical background, was it fun to learn the song and pay tribute to a band which is considered by many among the fathers of Heavy Metal?
A) I’ve been a fan of Deep Purple and Ritchie Blackmore’s playing since I was a kid, so it’s odd that I never learned the riff to Burn before this. I’m happy that I got to do this because the riff is so fun to play!
Q) How important is the role of music in contributing to charity causes?
A) It’s very important. Any time something music related can raise money for a good cause it’s a win for everyone involved. I’m just doing something I love to do and if it helps someone else, that’s even better.

Q) You performed in the 2019 live edition and jammed with many different international and local artists. Do you enjoy taking part in initiatives like the Metal For Kids United?
A) It was a pleasure and an honor to share the stage with such talents! And it’s also needless to say that helping Organizations who help kids who are in need is an honor and a pleasure as well!
Q) Do you believe this jam video can capture the spirit of Metal For Kids United! show?
A) It definitely does, yes! I’m glad and proud it turned out so amazing!

Q) You have taken parts in all the live editions of Metal For Kids United! what do you think make this charity project special?
A) The comradery between all the musicians who come together from all over the world for this great cause is amazing. Seeing a bunch of metalheads that truly care about kids is really cool. Faber (Fabrizio Troiano) makes this event a very professional well ran show, it’s the best charity event I have ever been apart of.
Q) Being a metal singer, how does it feel to sing vocal parts originally composed and performed by amazing vocalists like David Coverdale and Glen Hughes?
A) It’s truly awesome! I never thought I would be singing Deep Purple, I gotta tell ya, it’s not easy but it feels killer to get the opportunity to give it a shot. I dig both legendary vocalists and getting to sing both parts on Burn is a great honor for me.

Q) How does it feel to join the Metal For Kids United! family for this charity project?
A) It’s an honour to be part of this project among such great musicians that are willing to inspire and help others. I feel like I belong to a chain of goodness and charity. We as artists are role models to many people and that responsibility needs real actions beyond words.
Q) You are a good vocalist, too. How was the experience in singing such old school classic?
A) Singing the song Burn is like going to a rock school. I’ve sang it before in jam sessions and parties but never among high level singers. I learned a lot with the process only by listening to all the different voices.

Q) How did you approach your drum parts for this classic song originally arranged and performed by a legendary drummer like Ian Paice?
A) It is a pleasure for me to be part of this charity jam and I simply tried to bring in as much as possible of my Thomen style, because you cannot copy Ian Paice! He rules!

Q) You are familiar with All-Star band because of your band fellow Tobias Sammet’s AVANTASIA and you were also supposed to perform live at the Metal For Kids United! 2020 (which was sadly cancelled). How does it feel like being part of a big charity project like this, anyway?
A) It feels great! Of course I was disappointed when the MFKU Live Jam was cancelled, I was really looking forward to being part of the show. But in these difficult times this is a good example that music still matters, not to forget that it´s a lot of fun to play along with so many other fellow musicians. Would definitely be ready to do this again anytime! 🙂

Q: Burn is an immortal song which you know very well. What does it mean to cover it nowadays for a singer and for a rocker / metalhead in general?
A: Deep Purple and consequently Burn, are part of the DNA of every musician/singer who literally sank his musical roots in seventies rock, which then flowed into the metal of the following decade, until the present day. Singing that song is completely natural and exciting for me regardless.

Q: In the past you had the honor of backing the legendary Ian Paice on stage during one of his solo concerts in Italy. What does it mean for a metalhead to cover a great classic like Burn?
A: Burn is simply an immortal song, which has been one of those milestones of our genre since 1974. Thanks to songs like this that Hard Rock and later Heavy Metal sprang up. Covering a song like this simply means honoring something that is part of our roots and that unites all of us musicians.

Q): How was the approach to cover a legendary song like Burn which is almost 50 years old?
A: It’s a true honor, a great emotion and a real trial by fire. The title “BURN” says it all! Burn has always been one of my all-time favorites; it’s a fiery combination of the best of Rock and Classical Music together as one and it melts faces! What a killer piece of Music! Long live Rock’n’roll and the great Deep Purple!

Q: For over 30 years you have represented Italian thrash metal in the world. How does it feel to bring your sound into a 70s rock cover tune? Is it still possible to get excited by playing, even at a distance, with two of the Big4?
A) “The cover seems to me to be very successful, having been able to bring my playing into such a historical tune like “Burn” is a privilege. With my band Extrema, over the years we have been lucky enough to be able to share the stages at festivals with Megadeth and Anthrax. To play with Scott and David and share with the other guys the performance of this song, even if from a distance, it was a true honor. I would like to add that I feel privileged to have been called to be part of the Metal for Kids United! crew.”

Q: Maestro, along with your Vivaldi Metal Project and Roy Z, you have carried collaborations with international artists of great prestige for years, now. How does it feel to jam a legendary song like Burn with different, talented and distant musicians?
A: I wish to thank Faber for inviting me to the jam, I was happy and honored. Over the years my collaborations have been created and developed thanks to the network and therefore to the possibility of being able to work remotely, main assumptions that have given me the fantastic opportunity to interact and create music with many international artists. For me, it feels like playing at home 🙂 When all this is combined with the talent of the extraordinary artists who participated in the video jam of “Burn”, the result is something spectacular, a musical bomb, as always in the style of Metal For Kids United!.”

Q: You are an Italian musician but you have been playing in an internationally renowned German band for over 10 years now. What does it mean for you to participate in a jam like Metal For Kids United, in which other Italian musicians join forces with high-caliber artists from all over the world?
A) When I was asked to participate in this jam I accepted with great enthusiasm because I knew the guys from Metal For Kids United! They would have organized things well and big. It was an honor for me to have been able to make my contribution in jamming with such important characters from the metal scene. Great international names but great Italian names as well! Reviewing the video I was particularly struck by the excellent quality of all the musicians and above all of my country mates! People who can really rock hard!

TOMI MALM – New project album to be released in October….

TOMI MALM’s new project will be released next October 15 (pre-orders now open).


Here’s a bite….

BAND OF HEARTS – New single “I stand alone” released….

Fresh from their debut single release, ‘Broken Wings‘, UK/Swiss duo, Band of Hearts, return with the release of their new single, ‘I Stand Alone‘. Taking influence from the likes of Richard Marx, Toto and Journey, ‘I Stand Alone’ is a cinematic pop-rock anthem, championing the awesome nature of human potential. The song is accompanied by a music video starring Swiss Olympic athlete, Jonas Boesiger.

Lazarus Dream – “Alive” set for release in November…


New German Hard Rock project LAZARUS DREAM featuring multi-instrumentalist Markus Pfeffer and powerhouse vocalist Carsten Lizard Schulz gives a pleasure as immense and deep as the sounds and abilities which pour from their album „Alive“.
Carsten Lizard-Schulz delivers a powerful, emotion filled performance and makes this an album full of incredibly poignant vocals listeners worldwide are used to get delivered from him and appreciate on critically appraised albums by EVIDENCE ONE, DOMAIN, DEAD END HEROES and MIDNITE CLUB, to name only a few.
Markus Pfeffer used to be a member of internationally praised German AOR-band SCARLETT in the early nineties and delivers riffing and fret board acrobatics you rarely get to hear him play on albums by his main band WINTERLAND, On the LAZARUS DREAM album, he not only plays guitar, but also bass and keys.
The powerhouse drumming by guest Markus Kullmann (SINNER, VOODOO CIRCLE, Glenn Hughes) not only completes the hearing pleasure but also adds an incredible groove which lifts the songs to a new level. More musical guests featured are percussionist Thomas Rieder, flute player Sabrina Roth and Thomas Nitschke on Hammond and synths.

The album is set for release on November 13th via Pride & Joy Music.

Track list:
1. Dawn Of Time
2. House Of Cards
3. Wings Of An Eagle
4. Can’t Take My Soul Away
5. Listen, 6. Fleshburn
7. The Healing Echoes
8. Desert Mind
9. Visions and Sins
10. Steam
11. Don’t Blame Me
12. Hotel Overload
13. Days Of Darkness And Rain

Shadow Tribe – “Reality Unveiled” set for release in November….


ALTARIA/STARGAZERY bass player Marko Pukkila has joined forces with ex-CELESTY/SPIRITUS MORTIS/MASQUERAGE frontman Kimmo Perämäki in a new band called SHADOW TRIBE. The group, whose lineup is rounded out by Simo Pirttimaa on guitars and Petri Heinonen (King Satan) on drums, has signed a worldwide record deal with Pride & Joy Music who will release the group’s debut album “Reality Unveiled” on November 13th, 2020.

SHADOW TRIBE is a melodic metal group from Finland. The band is driven forward and managed by Altaria/ Stargazery bass player Marko Pukkila, who is well known within the industry. He has been around the European rock scene for over two decades and played on almost 40 different releases incl. work with musicians like Vinny Appice, Kee Marcello, AJ Pero, Frankie Banali, Rowan Robertson, Ryan Roxie just to name a few.

Track list:
1. Splinters Of A Hologram
2. Christaromancy
3. Headstrong
4. Speck Of Sawdust
5. Connection
6. A World Taken Hostage
7. Many Tears To Go
8. We Weren’t There
9. Stolen Fate
10. Instant Heaven

“Reality Unveiled” was produced by SHADOW TRIBE between 2018 and 2020; and mixed and mastered by singer Kimmo Perämäki who also mixed and mastered the latest Stargazery album and created the SHADOW TRIBE artwork.

Kimmo Perämäki – vocals
Simo Pirttimaa – guitars
Marko Pukkila – bass
Petri Heinonen – drums

EAST TEMPLE AVENUE – Debut album in November…

All star project EAST TEMPLE AVENUE has set November 27th for the release their debut album called “Both Sides of Midnight”.

East Temple Avenue are:

Robbie LaBlanc – Lead Vocals
Darren Phillips – Rhythm Guitar
Dennis Butabi Borg – Bass
Philip Lindstrand – Lead Guitar
Dan Skeed – Synth/Lead Rhythm
Herman Furin – Drums

Here’s a bite…

LEDFOOT & RONNI LE TEKRØ – ‘Shut Up’ Single…released…

Rock duo Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekrø have released a new single for ‘Shut Up‘, the song is taken from their new album “A Death Divine”, which will be out on October 2nd, 2020 via TBC Records.

A Death Divine” is a meeting of giants between two unique guitarists, Ronni Le Tekrø and Ledfoot. It’s stadium rock in duo format.

Ronni Le Tekrø is best known for his unique playing style and as one of the founders of legendary TNT, and he has several times ranked as one of the world’s best guitarists regardless of genre. In addition to TNT, Ronni has released several solo albums and collaborated with a number of artists, including Terje Rypdal.

Ledfoot (Tim Scott McConnell) recently won Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) in the blues class for his latest album ‘White Crow’. Leedfoot has developed his own playing style using a 12-string guitar with extra thick strings, steel plates and brass slide, often accompanied by stomp-box. In addition to four albums as Ledfoot, he has released several solo albums under his full name, played in The Havalinas, been covered by Bruce Springsteen (High Hopes) and played in the NRK series ‘Exit’.

Together they are Ledfoot & Ronni Le Tekrø, armed with a bunch of fantastic songs, a lot of guitars and the amplifiers set to 11 to blow you off the field.


1. Cold Lonely Night
2. This Town
3. High Time
4. A Death Divine
5. A Part Of Me
6. Shut Up
7. Imperfect World
8. Open The Door

ATLAS – New clip released…

British Melodic Metallers ATLAS released their new video “Human Touch” out of their second album called “Parallel Love” set for release on September 25th on AOR Heaven.

Track list: 1. The Fever, 2. Without You, 3. In Your Head, 4. Weathered Heart, 5. Human Touch, 6. Dare To Love, 7. Falling Out Of Love, 8. Early Warning, 9. We Are The Fire, 10. Beyond The Limit, 11. Here With You “Parallel Love” is the second album by British Melodic Rock band ATLAS. Writing sessions for “Parallel Love” started shortly after the band’s 2019 tour with Midnite City and Age of Reflection, with the band spending much longer on the demo process than for their previous album, polishing their ideas through the autumn and winter of 2019. This resulted in 11 tracks that the band felt were more concise and stronger than previous efforts. The band chose to pursue a heavier edge for the album production, while staying true to their Melodic Rock and AOR roots. The album line-up consists of Craig Wells (Vocals), Howie Little (Guitar), James Thorley (Keyboards), Chris Redfearn (Bass) and Ryan Briggs (Drums). James Thorley took on the role of producer and recording engineer, with Christoffer Borg (Art Nation, Taste) once again taking over the role of mixing and mastering. The five-piece chose to work with AOR Heaven again for the world-wide release of “Parallel Love” due to the successful working relationship for their previous release “In Pursuit Of Memory”. “Parallel Love” explores complicated and difficult themes in relationships that arenʼt often touched on in traditional AOR, while still exploring the highs and lows of what love brings to life. “Human Touch” showcases the physical side of love with no strings attached, while “Here With You” is a declaration of love lyrically and musically with the band showcasing a string ensemble for the album’s finale. These parallel themes are intended to tie the album together lyrically. “Weathered Heart” celebrates a new love after the turmoils of previous relationships, while “Falling Out Of Love” deals with pursuing love for the wrong reasons.

Video directed by Samuel Andrew Fenton

Video produced by Fenton Visuals