Art Of Illusion – Debut album in January 2021…


Debut album entitled “X Marks The Spot“ from Art Of Illusion will be released through
AOR Heaven in Europe in January 29th.
*Japan Release date: February 3rd through Marquee Avalon.

Art Of Illusion is a fusion of songwriter/producer Anders Rydholm, from the
band Grand Illusion, and singer extraordinaire Lars Säfsund, from the band Work
Of Art. “X Marks the Spot” is the first album from these Swedish musicians.

Track list:
1. Wild and free
2. Run
3. My loveless lullaby
4. Waltz for the movies
5. 4 AM
6. Go
7. Snakebite charm
8. Let the games begin
9. A culinary detour
10. Catch you if I can
11. Rampant wildfire
12. Race against time

Melody is the key in their music and there is a homage to melodic rock and
bands like Queen, Giant and Big Money. Catchy melodies, great hooks and tons
of glorious vocals are the formula for success. Anders plays keyboards, bass and
rhythm guitars, while Lars sings lead and background vocals and also contributes
some keyboards. The album is produced by Anders and Lars.

Guests on the album are guitarists Jay Graydon, Muris Varajic, Kristian Larsen,
Pelle Holmberg and Daniel Rydholm. Drummer Frank ”Frallan” Nilsson,
background vocalist Per Svensson and steel guitar player Tony Paoletta also
appear. Music is written by Anders Rydholm. Lyrics by Anders Rydholm, Arlene
Matza-Jackson and Patrik Ahlm.

AmadeuS Melodic Rock Show #43

AmadeuS Melodic Rock Show #43!
Featuring NEW MUSIC from Wishing Well, Serenity, MarysCreek & Rage of Angels!
Plus news about upcoming releases and heaps more from Chicago, C.O.P, Art Nation, Care of Night, Garbo Talks, Stormzone, Zaneta, Radioactive during TWO HOURS of a melodic rock journey through the years!

*Hosted by Lino “AmadeuS” R.