Gathering of Kings – Vagabond Rise audio clip released….

All star super project Gathering of Kings released their first single “Vagabond Rise” out of the unnamed yet, upcoming album set for release on May 2022 via RN Records.

Line-Up on Vagabond Rise:
Jonny Lindkvist – Lead Vocals
Victor Olsson – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Magnus Mild – Rhythm Guitar
Mikael Planefeldt – Bass
Joel Selsfors – Keyboards
Jonas Källsbäck – Drums
Rick Altzi – Backing Vocals
Alexander Frisborg – Backing Vocals

Special Appearance: Theresia Svensson – Backing Vocals

The Night Flight Orchestra – New Album OUT

Swedish rockers The Night Flight Orchestra released their third studio album called “Amber Galactic” via Nuclear Blast Records on May 19th. Rolling through the late 70s n early 80s feelings this album will follow you for years.
The album is available worldwide on the links below:
NB Shop:
Apple Music:
Amazon MP3:
Google Play:
NB Flac + Digital Stores:

Here’s a bite:

The Night Flight Orchestra are:

Björn Strid -Vocals,
Sharlee D’ Angelo – Bass,
David Andersson – Guitars,
Richard Larsson – Keyboards,
Jonas Källsbäck – Drums