NERGARD – Under Fire (SHY tribute) single released….

Norwegian all-star melodic metal act NERGARD is taking a break from recording the upcoming third album to pay tribute to the late Tony Mills (Shy, TNT). Mills, who sadly passed away on September 18, 2019 after battling cancer, was a legend in the melodic rock scene.

“I wanted to pay tribute to my friend Tony who was a great inspiration to me and an essential part of the Nergard camp during the early years,” says band leader Andreas Nergård. “I miss his unique songwriting skills, incredible voice and warmhearted personality. I wanted to celebrate his great career by covering one of the songs from Shy. I chose one of the deep cuts from the album Excess All Areas, called ‘Under Fire.’ The
song fits Nergard immensely and I am really proud of the version we did.”
For this tribute Andreas enlisted some top-notch vocalists; Nils K. Rue from Pagan’s Mind and Mathias Molund Indergård from Mindtech. Andi Kravljaca (Aeon Zen, Thaurorod) made his guitar debut with Nergard, handling both rhythm and lead guitars. Joining him on lead guitar is Stig Nergård (Tellus Requiem). The bass was handled by Victor Borge, who played with Tony Mills in TNT. Choir arrangements were made by David Åkesson (Qauentice) while Andreas himself handled the drums as always.
“I am so happy to have enlisted all these great musicians to join me in this tribute to the great Tony Mills,” Andreas comments. “All proceeds will go to Tony’s Children’s Cancer Cause. Tony said that no child should have to suffer like he did and I wholeheartedly support this cause.”

7HY – New album coming up in August!

For The Record COVER PNG .png

7HY – Seven Hard Years  – Will release their 3rd album called “For the record” next month August 31st via  Lion’s Pride Music.

-For The Record-
1. Never Say Goodbye
2. Burning Rain
3. Nothing Hurts Me Like You
4. Uprising
5. Be Who We Want
6. Can’t Let You Go
7. That Song
8. Strangers Again
9. We Can Be Strong
10. I’m Gonna Be You
11. What Love Can Make Me Do
12. What Is The World?

7HY are:

Alan Kelly
Guitars, Keys, Bass, Drums, BGVs
Shawn Pelata
Lead Vocals, BGVs
Danny Beardsley
Lead Guitars
Eliot Kelly
Rhythm Guitars
Andrew Chick
Additional Rhythm Guitars

Initially formed as a solo project by which to document his own songwriting adventures, Alan Kelly (formerly of UK major-label rockers Shy) has cultivated a strong, skillful stable of bandmates and collaborators in the continuing saga of 7HY (officially named Seven Hard Years).
Thanks to the world-shrinking power of social media, Alan was introduced to American vocalist Shawn Pelata via the now all-but-forgotten MySpace platform. Shawn was pushing his own band Line Of Fire at the time and the two struck up a quick long-distance friendship with hopes of one day doing some music together. That moment finally came in 2013 when the two worked together on what became the debut 7HY album ‘No Place In Heaven’ in 2014 (Lynchburg Music Group); an album that made a few significant ripples upon its release in 2014. They struck again in 2016 with ‘Stories We Tell’ (Lion’s Pride Music), an album that advnaced their visibility among rock fans and rock press alike to high praise.
Alan and Shawn wasted no time in preparing album #3, even as ‘Stories We Tell’ was still receiving active attention some months after its initial release. Alan enlisted the collaboration of one Andrew Chick, who had performed mixing duties on ‘Stories We Tell’. An accomplished writer and musician in his onw right, Chick provided a new wave of inspiration in Alan and between them an album was crafted rather painlessly. With Shawn once again handling the lead vocals and the spectactular Danny Beardsly enlisted to supply exemplary lead guitar work, 7HY is extremely please to announce the impending release of its latest effort entitled ‘For The Record’.
As an album, ‘For The Record’ carries the 7HY banner forward. While still centering around melodic chorus hooks and strong hard rock energy, the record finds 7HY expanding its horizons in terms of layers and production. Songs like “Never Say Goodbye”, “That Song”, and “Uprising” showcase what 7HY is best known for; hard-hitting rock with strong melodic currents. Then there are songs like the, dare we say, epic “What Is The World” with its broadly-scoped atmosphere and “Burning Rain”; a subtle, intensely mood-driven rocker. Suffice to say, the band has simply outdone itself.

With ‘For The Record’, Seven Hard Years has now firmly established itself as a legitimate force in the melodic hard rock universe.


AmadeuS Melodic Rock Show #69


00-amrs1Brand new edition #69 from AmadeuS Melodic Rock Show brings:
NEW SINGLE from THAT ROCK GUY and heaps more from Lionville, Angels or Kings, Giant, Roulette, Shakra, Outside Edge, Shy & Magnum in a mixer of what’s best

Listen to it at your leisure and feel free to spread the word!

AmadeuS Melodic Rock Show #69 is Coming up TODAY

Brand new edition #69 from AmadeuS Melodic Rock Show is coming up later on TODAY.
NEW SINGLE from THAT ROCK GUY and heaps more from Lionville, Angels or Kings, Giant, Roulette, Shakra, Outside Edge, Shy & Magnum in a mixer of what’s best

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7HY – New album out in August

The new album of melodic rockers 7HY (seven hard years) is called “Stories We Tell” and it will be released from Lions Pride Music in  August.

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7HY are :
Alan Kelly (ex-Shy) – guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, backing vocals
Shawn Pelata (Livesay) – lead vocals
Roy Davis (ex-Shy) – bass
Claire Kelly – bass Martin Walls – bass
Dave Martin (Marshall Law) – lead guitar
Eliot Sora Kelly – lead guitar


AmadeuS Melodic Rock Show #53

AmadeuS Melodic Rock Show #53 is in the books!
Feat. New Music from SUNSTORM, VEGA, DAVID A. SAYLOR, DYNAZTY, IMPERIUM, PROJECT AEGIS, DEFECTO, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, NEMESEA & much more during 2 hours of what’s best in AOR, Melodic Hard Rock ‘n’ Metal scene…..
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