Page 99 – New album out now…

Brand new album from Page 99 called “For imagination’s sake” is out now.

The second album from classic-sounding Yacht Rock and West Coast artist Page 99 features a stellar cast of musicians including Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Peter Friestedt, Paul Pesco, Russ Fitzpatrick, Duane Allen Harlick, Colton Weatherston Andrea Di Puccio, Chip Kipps, Carlos Severiche, Bill Salisbury, and Chase Baird.

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CWF – II ….out now

Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams and Peter Friestedt have released their new album “2” Listen to the album here ….

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Champlin Williams Friestedt consists of renowned TOTO singer Joseph Williams, composer of film and drama scores and can also be heard in Disney’s animated feature film “The Lion King” as the singing voice of adult Simba.
Teaming up with none other than Bill Champlin formerly of the legendary band Chicago and critically acclaimed guitarist, producer and recording artist Peter Friestedt, the album “II” also includes contributions from vocalist, Michael McDonald, drummer John JR Robinson (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones), Randy Goodrum (Toto, Chicago), Tamara Champlin and Polar price 2020 winner Diane Warren among many others.

With the TOTO haunting “10 Miles” to the CHICAGO sounding ballad “Between The Lines” and the soulflavoured “Love In The World” to the straight forward rock track “Runaway Dancer” this album really takes you on a neverending journey.